Traversing the land and interacting with you is what NHG can do best. Our knowledge base extends to nearly 20 years of  landscape pattern identification  and design detail. If you are urban planning, building a home, farm enterprise development, grazing management, or community projects a consult with NHG is an investment for solid future foundation. Click here to organise a free 30min Skype/phone session with us to discuss your needs.



NHG Regeneer’s (Regenerative Agricultural Pioneers) platform is a design process with ‘ landscape, community & food’ at its core. The Regeneer model is a process adapted from some of the worlds leading minds on permanent agriculture and food growing system to ensure long term outcomes for productive and regenerative development. NHG is involved with many exciting projects and knowledge networks from government, scientists and the leaders in working the edge of innovation. Find out more here.



Education and knowledge are the cornerstones of a successful pursuit in creating food systems that regenerate the biosphere. Creating the pathways to educate bring community collaboration and change.. NHG has been creating quality education programs to suit all needs from 12 day Permaculture Design Certificates to on farm workshops. Find out more here to see what you could learn to set you on the path to wisdom!



Yes thats right! One of the most important tools is sharing what we know, we gain no benefit of holding all this knowledge in. That is why we have created a resource space to get those creative fires burning and ensure that we continue to collaborate and grow together.

What we are about…..

Mentoring partnerships in Permaculture business ideas, startup, planning and management. This will occur, not from a coach, but from people like NHG and other successful Permaculture business owners from Australia and around the world with personal one-on-one mentoring to get you on the path to ethical business.

Professional Permaculture Marketing Consultancy: A clear marketing and communications strategy is like planting legumes! It fast-tracks awareness of your services and speeds up the growth of your business. This is a universal rule that should be a part of any well thought out business plan – including Permaculture businesses. It doesn’t have to be complex but it does need to be thought about and written down.!

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Nicks business course complements the PDC with practicalities, valuable information and resources to utilise Permaculture.
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